Blake has over thirty years of experience as a Family Law Attorney. Previously, he has successfully litigated criminal and civil matters in courts throughout the State of Georgia.

Blake has extensive experience in the trial and settlement of Family Law cases. From the initiation of a divorce where child custody and child support are issues, to the modification of child custody and child support cases. He has also represented clients in cases of spousal support (alimony) and division of financial assets (equitable division) of the parties, as well as post divorce contempt hearings regarding failure to pay child support, unlawfully withholding visitation and failure to pay alimony.

The Halberg firm has proven track record and has been extremely successful at trial in securing custody for fathers.

He has also been trained as a Guardian Ad Litem, and has been appointed by Cobb County Judges to represent the interests of the children in a divorce where child custody is in dispute or where there is a modification of child custody to give his recommendation to the Court as to which parent should receive primary custody of the children.

Blake is one of the hand full of attorneys that has received training as a Parent Coordinator which gives him a better understanding of the difficulties involved in high conflict divorce cases.

At the Halberg Law Firm we are always available to our clients, and are committed to attentive, personal service. While we consider ourselves trial lawyers and strong advocates for our clients, we realize the expense of a long trial is not in all of our clients' best interest, and look for alternative resolutions when possible, such as mediation and arbitration. Once we are retained clients receive the cell phone numbers of every staff member and are free to call of text day or night in the event of an emergency.

When and where appropriate, we employ an impressive array of outside experts such as forensic accountants, private investigators and psychologists, both in preparation of our cases and as expert witnesses to testify at trial.

Our firm has been extensively involved in the drafting, negotiation and litigating Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements.

Blake Halberg is admitted to practice before all local trial courts in Georgia, the Georgia Supreme Court, Georgia Court of Appeals and the United States District Court for the Northern District of Georgia.