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At the Halberg Law Firm, Family Law Attorneys, we offer our clients personal service by our attorneys and staff. When we approach child custody issues, we look to serve the best interests of the child or children as well as our clients. We will negotiate a livable custody and parenting time arrangement if possible through a negotiated or mediated settlement. If necessary we will litigate all custody and parenting time issues before the court. We can resolve, either through negotiation, mediation or litigation, any dispute that arises in a prior parenting plan. The attorneys at The Halberg Law Firm, Family Law Attorneys will help you create a parenting plan (custody agreement) that is beneficial to your children, and one that both you and your former spouse can abide. At the Halberg Law Firm we represent both men and women equally regardless of their sexual preference.


Legitimation is the process whereby a father who is not at the time a child is born married to the child’s mother and doesn’t subsequently marry the mother after the child is born becomes the child’s legal father.

Without legitimation a father has no rights to custody or visitation with the child, nor does the child have the right to inherit from the father. The child’s mother can keep the father from seeing the child and he has no legal recourse.

There are two ways to legitimize a child in Georgia: either by filing a Petition For Legitimation or by marrying the mother of the child.

We have handled numerous legitimation proceedings on behalf of fathers’ over the years. From simply wanting a court ordered visitation schedule so the mother cannot dictate when you see your child to a petition asking for primary physical custody of the child.

Feel complimentary to contact us to discuss any issues you have with regard to legitimizing your child.

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  • Legitimation
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  • Alimony and Child Support

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