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Family Law Attorney Blake Halberg is a native Atlantan who has practiced in the metropolitan Atlanta area since 1986. Since his practice focus is in the area of family law; including divorce, child custody and support, alimony, modifications, contempt and premarital agreements, he is able to bring a unique perspective to the area of family law.  He has personally gone through the divorce process and understands what his clients and their families are going through during this troubled time. Blake coined the phrase "Divorce with a Difference", as he knows first hand the emotional, mental and financial issues his clients go through. Because each and every client is unique and has his or her own special needs, Blake gives each client the individual attention he or she needs and deserves during this difficult time of life.


The client's best interest always comes first at The Halberg Law Firm. Whether you are about to be embroiled in a divorce, a child custody modification, a contempt motion or other family law situation, we will look for cost-effective and creative solutions to resolve your legal problems. We make ourselves directly available to all of our clients. When you work with us, you work with the principal attorney hired by you, whom is available to speak directly with you and are not delegated to a paralegal.


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This is a small sampling of the cases that have been successfully handled by The Halberg Law Firm.

Bryant vs. Driver Civil Action File No 17-1-1447-40

Brooks v. Brooks Civil Action File No. 10-1-00335-42

Brooks v. Brooks Civil Action File No. 08-1-8301-42

Hardway-Brown v. Brown Civil Action File No. 11-1-6204-28

Dillon v. Dillon Civil Action File No. 2016CV273542

Bseibess v. Bseibess Civil Action File No. 10-1-6870-28

Hollingworth v. Hollingworth Civil Action File No. 08-1-07334-05

Kelly v. Kelly Civil Action File No. 2015CV260284

Kelly v. Kelly Civil Action File No. 2015-CV-260284 

Kelly v. Kelly Civil Action File No. 2015CV260284

Paisley v. Paisley Civil Action File No. 07-1-10146-33

Weeldreyer v. Weeldreyer Civil Action File No. 2014-CV-251430

Virgin v. Virgin Civil Action File No. 05-1-4796-99

Hardaway-Brown v. Brown Civil Action File No. 08-1-384-28