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At the Halberg Law Firm, Family Law Attorneys, we offer our clients personal service by our attorneys. When we approach child custody issues, we look to serve the best interests of the child or children as well as our clients. We will negotiate a livable custody and visitation arrangement if possible through a mediated settlement. If necessary we will litigate all custody and visitation issues before the court. We can resolve, either through negotiation or litigation, any dispute that arises in a prior parenting plan. The attorneys at The Halberg Law Firm, Family Law Attorneys will help you create a parenting plan (custody agreement) that is beneficial to your children, and one that both you and your former spouse can abide.

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Our attorneys always look for creative solutions in order to avoid litigation, such as negotiation, alternative dispute resolution, and mediation which provides more cost effective results than a lengthy custody trial. To that end, we have fashioned creative Permanent Parenting Plans (custody agreements) that reflect lengthy negotiations and provide significant contact with both parents, while placing our clients' needs paramount. We will investigate every possible arrangement with the best interests of your child or children at heart.

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As children's issues are of particular importance to our firm, Family Law attorney Blake Halberg has undergone extensive training to become a Guardian ad Litem where Cobb County Judges often appoint him to do a custody investigation and make a custody recommendation to the court in representing children's best interests in custody cases. He also has been trained as a certified Parent Coordinator. This extensive training and experience helps him when representing his clients in disputed custody cases. We have extensive experience in shepherding our clients through psychological custody evaluations
as well as Guardian ad Litem investigations.

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In addition to our focus on child custody, as part of our divorce representation, we will make every effort to maximize the financial settlement for our clients in order to provide adequate funds to ensure that the children will be able to live in the style and manner in which they have become accustomed.

We are also experienced in seeking to modify or enforce any existing visitation orders, child custody orders, or child support agreements. Most commonly, child-related provisions of divorce settlements or decrees are in need of modification when a parent relocates out of state or in state when there is a significant amount of travel time between homes of the parties. If it is the custodial parent, this can be a significant issue if the non-custodial parent objects. Relocation issues are in an area of jurisprudence in which there is constant flux. In has only been since 2003, in the Bodne case where Georgia Courts have allowed relocation as a ground for relocation.

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